Get Involved

“No work is insignificant.  All work that uplifts humanity
has dignity and importance and should be undertaken
with painstaking excellence.”

    Martin Luther King Jr.


Donate Items

  • Clothing – shoes, coats, hats, suits, pants, sweaters, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc.
  • Household items –microwave, toaster, coffee maker, linens, blankets, refrigerator, stove, etc.
  • Furniture – sofa, tables, beds, bureaus, etc.
  • Other – backpacks, sporting items, toys (indoor and outdoor), books, music CD’s, movies, tools, lawn and garden equipment, etc.
  • Food – any non-perishable food item that has not been opened and is not past the expiration date. Gift cards to Kroger, Meijer or Walmart.
  • Gas cards
  • Cars or Trucks –running in fair condition
  • Services – house cleaning for people with medical conditions, counseling for individuals and families, financial advice, handyman help, transportation assistance



Dave volunteeringNi and Patrick VolunteeringGirl volunteeringThx dinner volunteers

All it takes to be a S.O.U.L. volunteer is a loving heart and a willingness to serve those in need. Consider participating in an activity such as:

  • Planning and/or preparing for a fundraiser
  • Office work
  • Delivering food or gifts to families
  • Provide transportation

The rewards of volunteering are found in the heart. You can see the results of your dedicated work in eyes of the families that benefit from S.O.U.L.. It is very heartwarming to have the privilege of serving others and feel the gratitude you receive from families that are deeply touched by your generosity.Additionally, it is enriching to work with other volunteers in a caring, fun and dedicated environment for the purpose of serving those less fortunate than yourself. We hear all the time that people enjoy volunteering with us, but we want you to hear it from those who have, learn from what volunteers have to say about their own experiences.




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