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  • Clothing – shoes, coats, hats, suits, pants, sweaters, shirts, skirts, dresses, etc.
  • Household items – slow cooker, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, linens, blankets
  • Furniture – sofa, tables, beds, dressers, small kitchen tables, etc.
  • Other – backpacks, sporting items, toys (indoor and outdoor), books, music CD’s, movies, tools, lawn and garden equipment, etc.
  • Food – any non-perishable food item that has not been opened and is not past the expiration date.
    Gift cards to Kroger, Meijers or Walmart.
  • Gas cards
  • Cars or Trucks –running in good condition
  • Services – house cleaning for people with medical conditions, counseling for individuals and families, financial advice, handyman help, transportation assistance

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All it takes to be a S.O.U.L. volunteer is a loving heart and a willingness to serve those in need. Consider participating in an activity such as:

  • Planning and/or preparing for a fundraiser
  • Office work
  • Delivering food or gifts to families
  • Provide transportation

The rewards of volunteering are found in the heart. You can see the results of your dedicated work in eyes of the families that benefit from S.O.U.L.. It is very heartwarming to have the privilege of serving others and feel the gratitude you receive from families that are deeply touched by your generosity.Additionally, it is enriching to work with other volunteers in a caring, fun and dedicated environment for the purpose of serving those less fortunate than yourself. We hear all the time that people enjoy volunteering with us, but we want you to hear it from those who have, learn from what volunteers have to say about their own experiences.



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Become a volunteer today:

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A S.O.U.L. Volunteer Story

"I volunteered at one of the garage sales and was very impressed with people that I met. They all were caring for others around them; it inspired me to want to be a part of it. S.O.U.L has garage sales with the proceeds going to help out those in need. It’s a fundraiser for the organization, but it is also there for the public to come and get great prices on clothes, kitchen supplies, furniture and more. I was grateful to be able to help." – Patti

Volunteer Stories

"I am a counselor at National Society Advisor at Edsel Ford High School in Dearborn. This past Christmas season, it was brought to my attention from one of my students, that there was support needed for an organization called S.O.U.L. I felt that helping out this organization was just what our National Honor Society needed!!!! At one of our meetings, Ashely came very prepared to speak to her peers and explain what their involvement would be and the affect it would have on others. At the end of the meeting, the students were definitely excited to be involved. The students put their hearts and S.O.U.L.'s into the project. We have decided that we will also work with S.O.U.L during the Easter season to bring necessities and joy to others." – Gail Welmers

A Story of Gratitude

I have so many positive experiences working with the Source of Universal Love (or SOUL) over the years. One experience in particular sticks out. About a year ago, SOUL's Executive Director, Ginger Wiechers, presented me with a story of a family in need. Basically, it was a local woman, who had a loving son with a developmental disability and a pregnant daughter soon to have a family if her own. This very sweet and humble family lived together in a home with a leaky roof and large holes in the floor that animals could get through. The woman had been repairing the roof herself until she fell off the roof and injured herself. Also, her employer had shut down and taking care of everyone and everything was becoming too overwhelming. Always resourceful, Ginger found a local business who offered free labor to repair the roof if SOUL could pay for the materials. In response, Ginger asked if I could coordinate a "raise the roof" fund raiser party. With the help of a high school theater group, an organist, and many generous business owners and individuals, we raised just enough money. Also, a very charitable friend and I purchased additional materials and made the necessary repairs to the inside of the home. It was intense morning to evening labor, but the job got done. Ginger also put on a baby shower for the soon to be mother. Through SOUL, this sweet, loving and deserving family got the help that they desperately needed. I am so very lucky to have been involved with SOUL and projects like these over the years. R. B.

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