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When an individual or family comes to us we review with them all the necessary information required to provide assistance. Then we offer to provide a care counselor if they desire one. We can help people with almost any issue: depression, divorce, alcohol and drug addiction, grief, pregnancy, relationships, motivation, health, children, verbal abuse, emotional abuse, physical abuse, or isolation.  Much of the care counselor’s job is just listening with compassion.

We also assist in finding resources to help with their situations.  S.O.U.L provides food, clothing and household items as needed.   We have applications to the pharmaceutical companies that offer free or discounted prescriptions to the needy.  We can help them find health care that is either donated or discounted.  We can assist with jobs, transportation, and information to find a shelter or housing.

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“I alone cannot change the world,

but I can cast a stone across the waters
to create many ripples.”

Mother Teresa


"I am so grateful to Ginger and S.O.U.L. for coming to our rescue. We are a family of thirteen and lost our home and everything in it. Ginger sent to us beautiful people to help us in every way. They supplied us with everything from food and clothing to furniture and money. We just thank God for Ginger and S.O.U.L." - Maurita

A S.O.U.L. Family Story

"S.O.U.L. has been a sincere loving community of support. I have 2 small children under the age of 6 years old. I am the sole provider for the children. S.O.U.L. has been instrumental in hearing and supporting our needs. Since the economy has not been so thriving, I have had to ask for help wherever I feel support might be had. It's been humbling and healing. Asking has been difficult due to shame feelings and facing embarrassment. S.O.U.L has assisted our family in maintaining our dignity while asking for the assistance we need. My children had Christmas gifts delivered to them that were exactly what i was thinking of but did not convey necessarily. This told me that our hearts are truly connected and that the love and acceptance I have felt through this organization is truly real. I thank S.O.U.L, for their vision in helping us and other families in need." - Sherrel

A Story of Giving and Receiving:

A few years ago a women, shared with me a way to help others with no limitations on what would be considered at the time of need. I was so impressed by what she was trying to do I said if you ever need any help please just ask! Well, I was asked a few times to help out, and I was able to get that sense of what she wanted to accomplish with this dream of hers. A year later I was going through a not so nice divorce and was taken for almost all of my income by the court system. I had walked away from an 18 year marriage and three beautiful children, with a lot of debt, a lot of unpaid bills and a lot of hurt. The courts came up with their decision and they had left me with nothing to live on. I was working two jobs everyday and still did not have enough to make ends meet, and sinking into a terrible uncomfortable unknown place for me. The word some how made it's way back to S.O.U.L. and within 24 hours someone was reaching out from her organization and the dream she had shared with me only a year ago. A kind understanding compassionate person who was not judging how I had gotten to where I was, but how they could help me make it through it. I was so taken back that I was the one on the receiving end that I did not know how to accept, but the person that contacted me from S.O.U.L made me feel so comfortable that I could not resist her assistance. The donations they have given me do not come close to the love that they have given. The people at S.O.U.L. are willing to do what they can for others and at the same time give them love – I feel we all need that more than everything else. I have not totally over come my hard times but my outlook on the whole thing is so much more positive, just knowing that I have the people from S.O.U.L as a part of my life. – Tim T.

A Story of Transformation

Keeping a family together and safe at home:

A dedicated husband and father had lost his job and for several months was not successful in securing a new one. The bill collectors were calling on a regular basis, there was barely any food for the eight children and the threat of foreclosure on their house was just around the corner. S.O.U.L. stepped in by providing food and clothes for the family, Christmas gifts for the kids, resources to aid them in paying their bills, and treated the mother to a donated massage and a detoxifying foot bath treatment to ease some of her stress. Caring people were there to listen, comfort and provide research assistance. Fortunately, the father found a new job. S.O.U.L. continued to be supportive until the family returned to sustainability and transitioned through this difficult time. Not only did this family remain financially stable, they chose to give back and help another family in need. Helping in this way can be the difference in keeping a family in their home avoiding the fall into homelessness and poverty.

Hope and Remission:

An elderly woman came to us. She was battling breast cancer and undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. The medical bills had taken their toll on her and her husband. The husband worked a low income job. They were borrowing money for rent and eating very little. S.O.U.L. stepped in by providing food and clothes and any household goods that were needed. Food and gift baskets were delivered for the holidays also. The money they didn’t have to spend on food could then be used for rent, household bills and medical bills. We also provided her with applications to pharmaceutical companies that donate prescriptions to those in need. In December, fortunately there came the joyful announcement the cancer was in remission. Chemotherapy would still be required though for another six months adding up to more accumulated medical bills. S.O.U.L. continued to provide love and support and we're happy to report that they are doing well.

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