The S.O.U.L. shelter will be a safe haven for those who are in need due to adverse situations and circumstances .It will provide a place to stay, counseling and education as they rebuild their lives to a place of self sufficiency and are able to function on their own again. Food and clothing will be provided to our guests.

The shelter will serve all who are in genuine need. We will help the homeless, abused, those who are recovering from illnesses, and those who are transitioning from divorce and other hardships.

This shelter will be different from many others in that we would not “revolve” people back out on the street after a certain number of days. Guests would stay until they are capable of leaving and living a productive, self-sufficient life in a home of their own or sharing a home with someone else. They would have access to an ongoing support system through S.O.U.L. and/or other organizations that are willing to help. This will be a shelter built on the values of respect, compassion, integrity and love.

The shelter would ideally be located in the Farmington/Farmington Hills/West Bloomfield area. We will purchase either be an existing building that will be remodeled to accommodate our requirements or a new building to suit our specific needs.

The shelter will be managed so that it can ideally pay for most or all of its operating costs. This situation provides guests with the opportunity for employment, income and personal empowerment.

Cheryl Sexton roof repairCheryl and JoshCheryl Sexton and Family Holiday Party 2014

Ways People Can Help

  • People can contribute money to the shelter fund or create and manage fundraisers to generate money.

  • Architects can donate design plans.

  • There can be donations from construction companies to construct the building at no cost to S.O.U.L. or at a reduced cost.

  • Interior designers can donate consultations for efficient, pleasant and healing interior designs.

  • Landscapers can donate designs, supplies, plants and labor for the outside landscaping.

  • A building  or property could be donated.

Source of Universal Love
c/o Ginger B. Wiechers
P.O. Box 5
Farmington, Michigan 48332-0005

(248) 318-6691 * (248) 672-0616 * (248) 682-5912

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